Car Insurance Premiums Going Down

By Michael Crusan
WJFW-TV12 News
February 8,2011

If you get into an accident one of the first things you’ll need to know is what your insurance covers.

Wisconsin HAD the highest mandatory limits in the nation, according to the Wisconsin Insurance Alliance, leaving drivers with a big bill if they had an accident, Darlene Schwager says, “Oh yeah that might be a problem, because then they won’t be able to cover the damages.”

The new rates are set lower though, allowing more drivers to insure their cars.

Insurance Agent, Jennifer Willman says, “We should hopefully see a reduction in uninsured motorists because insurance premiums will now be more affordable to low and middle income folks.”

With those premiums coming down, drivers are set to save money across the board with all coverage types. Gary Fawcett says that he’s glad to see less government involvement on how he insures his vehicle, “I’m all for less regulation and that’s what it sounds like is happening.”

The Alliance also says the coverage amounts will be cut in half or more to allow choice and affordability to consumers.

Willman says, “The new limits will be $25,000 per person bodily injury. $50,000 per accident, and property damage of $10,000 which is much more managable premium.”

Allowing drivers to be the only ones behind the wheel of their car insurance coverage.

One thing Willman would like to stress is that if consumers are not sure about the new insurance changes they should discuss them with their agent.


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